The European Federation of EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) groups (EFEPR) is an organization which gathers the different regional EPR groups in European countries and other countries in the region. Some EPR groups are organized in national EPR groups, others participate as individual groups in the EFEPR. EFEPR is devoted to interchange of information between the different groups. Its activities include a triennial conference that provides a forum for scientists engaged in EPR spectroscopy to present and discuss recent results and developments. It covers all aspects of EPR spectroscopy, including applications in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials, biology and medecine, new techniques, instrumentation developments and theory. In addition it organizes EPR schools that disseminate modern EPR methodology to the community through its young researchers. Moreover, the website allows for people to post job offers and instrumentation requests/sales and to easily connect.

Up till early September 2016, the only organisms of the federation were the president and the assembly of the EPR groups during the triennial meeting. At the EFEPR2016 meeting in Turin, the structure of the EFEPR was changed. Next to the president, two vice-presidents were elected.

Current president is Sabine Van Doorslaer (University of Antwerp). Current vice-presidents are Carole Duboc (University Grenoble Alpes) and Donatella Carbonera (University of Padova).