Conferences and Schools

Upcoming EPR and magnetic resonance conferences and schools

Rocky Mountain Conference 2018 22-Jul-2018 - 27-Jul-2018 Snowbird, U.S.A.
28th ICMRBS 19-Aug-2018 - 24-Aug-2018 Dublin, Ireland
SMARTER 6 02-Sep-2018 - 06-Sep-2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia
FGMR meeting 2018 10-Sep-2018 - 13-Sep-2018 Leipzig, Germany
V International School for Young Scientists 15-Sep-2018 - 20-Sep-2018 St.Petersburg, Russia
APES and IES Symposium 24-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-2018 Brisbane, Australia
Modern Development of Magnetic Resonance 2018 24-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-2018 Kazan, Russia
Spinus 2019 - Magnetic resonance and its applications 31-Mar-2019 - 05-Apr-2019 St. Petersburg, Russia
RSC ESR annual meeting 07-Apr-2019 - 11-Apr-2019 Glasgow, UK
Joint 21st ISMAR and 15th EUROMAR Conference 25-Aug-2019 - 30-Aug-2019 Berlin, Germany
EFEPR - 2019 01-Sep-2019 - 05-Sep-2019 Bratislava, Slovakia

Past EPR conferences and schools

Euromar 2018 01-Jul-2018 - 05-Jul-2018 Nantes, France
V Forum EMR 05-Jun-2018 - 08-Jun-2018 Wrocław, Poland
1st Joint EPR School ARPE-GIRSE 03-Jun-2018 - 07-Jun-2018 Carry-le-Rouet & Marseille, France
EMBO workshop 27-May-2018 - 31-May-2018 Grosseto, Italy
RSC ESR annual meeting 08-Apr-2018 - 12-Apr-2018 London, UK