• The idea of an European Federation of EPR groups (EFEPR) was first put forward during a joint conference organized by the British, the oldest ESR group in Europe, and the then more newly formed Italian ESR group. The meeting was held during August 1991 in the historic town of Padua, site of one of the oldest Universities in the world. A steering committee chaired by Klaus Moebius, Free University of Berlin, was set up and this gave rise in the following year to the European federation. Professor Klaus Moebius was elected as its first president and was succeeded by Professor Marina Brustolon (Padua) who was elected during the second triennial conference held in Paris 1994, and confirmed to the post at the 3rd meeting held in August 1997 in Leipzig. Both Klaus and Marina are shown below on Lake Windemere during the EPR conference held at Lancaster 1997.
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  • Daniella Goldfarb (below, second from left) from the Weizmann Institute in Israel was elected as the third president in the 4th meeting held in Norwich (September 2000), and passed office at the 5th meeting held in Lisbon(September 2003) to Etienne Goovaerts (below, left) from the University of Antwerp in Belgium, who accepted  to take up a second term at 6th meeting held in Madrid (September 2006). At the 7th EFPR meeting in Antwerp (September 2009), the general assembly appointed Graham Smith from the University of St.-Andrews, Scotland to be the president of EFEPR in the following years.
    The presidents are pictured below, four of them  together while attending the 40th anniversary meeting of the ESR Group of the Royal chemical Society held in March 2007 in Oxford *, and (right) Graham Smith speaking at the Antwerp EFEPR meeting.
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  • At the 10th EFEPR conference in Turin, the structure of the EFEPR was changed. The organization is now led by one president and two vice-presidents from different countries in Europe. As president, Sabine Van Doorslaer (University of Antwerp, Belgium) was chosen (middle picture below). The two vice presidents are Carole Duboc (University Grenoble Alpes, France) (left) and Donatella Carbonera (University of Padova, Italy) (right)
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